Annisa Wulandari - Twin Harmonic Orchestral. Dec, 29, 2012
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Spritual Journey (Album) release on 2012. Mar, 03, 2012
Annisa Wulandari on Instruments: Guitars, Keyboards, and all Instruments , from the band "Power of Mirantic".

Annisa Wulandari - Spiritual Journey - $12.00
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Type: Album | Release: August, 02, 2012 | Tracklist:
01. No Touch
02. Spiritual Journey 
03. Spirit Fantasy 
04. Gates of Fire 
05. Inner Passion I 
06. Inner Passion II
07. Inner Passion III
08. Smile Today
09. Javanese Girls
10. Gending Dalu

Free MP3 Download the four tracks of Annisa Wulandari. Enjoy!! 

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